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Audiences everywhere agree that our founder, Stevie Dawn Carter, delivers practical tips with relatable stories, relevant research, and a lot of laughs.


Dr. Stevie Dawn covers topics featured in her best-selling book and doctoral work, focusing on behaviors that inspire positive long-lasting change on organizations and individuals.

Emotional Intelligence

All aspects of emotional intelligence and empathy provide a foundation for positive change.


Learn the skills that impact and improve leaders at all levels.


Focus on the message and the purpose for clearer communication.

Personal Success

Inspirational speeches that allow individuals to lead their best lives.

Meet Stevie Dawn Carter, PhD

Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter is a highly accomplished and renowned expert in the field of Emotional Intelligence. As a self-proclaimed human behavior nerd, Stevie Dawn has dedicated her career to advancing knowledge, driving innovation, and making a positive impact on society. Dr. Carter holds a Ph.D. in Leadership from Colorado State University, where her research focused on Emotional Intelligence development and curriculum. Her expertise lies in being able to move people to communicate more effectively, through humor, relatable stories, and engaging presentations. Every participant walks away with new knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable to real life.

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What clients are saying...

Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter is an exceptional asset to any organization! She presented virtually to over 500 of our associates as a part of our initiatives around listening with intent. Presenting on her Communication Compass our associates resoundingly indicated that they found value in her webinar, and that their understanding of how they communicate increased. A significant majority indicated that they would recommend this topic and Stevie to another individual. From an event planning process, Stevie was exceptionally easy and wonderful to work with. Her flexibility, and affordability make her a no brainer as a consultant. White Cap will be using her in the future for more learning opportunities for our associates! 10 out of 10, would recommend!

Benjamin White
DEI Program Manager