On-Site Training

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Transform your organization from within through our immersive On Site training programs. Our team of expert facilitators will visit your location, delivering engaging and customized workshops that address your unique needs and challenges. Create a collaborative and empathetic workplace culture that fuels innovation and collective success. With hands-on exercises, interactive simulations, and personalized guidance, our On Site offering lays the foundation for lasting growth, equipping your teams with the emotional intelligence tools they need to thrive.
You have the option to have one of our standard courses, such as the Empathix Communicator or the Empathix Leader facilitated at your location OR choose to customize your learning with our Empathix Teams 2-day immersive program or Empathix Enterprises, full organization consulting and training package.

Available On-Site Programs

Why On-Site Training?

Every organization is different. By allowing us to come to your site for expert-led facilitation, we have the opportunity to work with just your stakeholders. This allows us to target our language and techniques specifically to you. It also creates a safe spce where you can be honest with your challenges and obstacles. On-Site training also provides a budget-friendly option for large organizations, allowing us to train all employees at one time.

Interactive and Engaging

Engage your employees with conversations and activities that build camaraderie.

Targeted and Focused

Let us focus our language and techniques specifically for your people.

Flexible Schedule

Facilitate training in a time that fits you and your participants.

Immediate Impact

See immediate results and application of new knowledge.

Building community through our work.

What clients are saying...

“Dr. Stevie Dawn Blakely is an Emotional Intelligence Expert that utilizes her knowledge and skillsets to revolutionize programs and inspire personal growth in people. I have had the pleasure of working with her to implement first line supervisor leadership training for the Fort Worth Police Department and her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. She helped to create a very specialized program based on the needs of our organization and has helped us improve other areas of training development as a result of this initial leadership series. I highly recommend her for your training/development needs and I look forward to working with her on future projects for the Fort Worth Police Department. The citizens of Fort Worth deserve to have professional and highly trained police officers serving them and the City of Fort Worth. “

Amy E. Ladd, EMBA
Director of Executive Protection and Training-Retired Lieutenant at Fort Worth Police Department

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