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Stevie's work utilizes the empathix process

The Empathix Process is an innovative way to communicate, lead, and live. Built on a foundation of emotional intelligence and empathy, this process encourages people to Assess, Plan, and Express themselves in the best way possible to encourage effective communication, deeper connection, and true understanding.

Stevie Dawn utilizes this process in every presentation and demonstrates how ideas of leadership, feedback, and culture all benefit from the use of The Empathix Process.


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Welcome to the digital hub of Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter, a foremost authority in Emotional Intelligence, communication, and leadership. With a specialized focus on the transformative Empathix Process, Dr. Carter offers unparalleled expertise to elevate organizational dynamics and individual potential.

From captivating keynote addresses to immersive online courses, Dr. Carter provides tailored solutions designed to cultivate resilient teams and visionary leaders. Embrace the power of Emotional Intelligence and unlock the pathway to sustainable success with Dr. Carter as your trusted guide. Explore her services and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential today.



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Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter is an exceptional asset to any organization! Presenting on her Communication Compass our associates resoundingly indicated that they found value in her webinar, and that their understanding of how they communicate increased. A significant majority indicated that they would recommend this topic and Stevie to another individual. From an event planning process, Stevie was exceptionally easy and wonderful to work with. 10 out of 10, would recommend!


benjamin white

Ready for an emotional intelligence tsunami?! A session with Dr Stevie Dawn Carter will open the floodgates of EI delivered an easily digestible, actionable training. Reviews from event attendees resoundingly gave her top accolades! Book Stevie Dawn and you can’t go wrong.


sheryl powers

Dr. Stevie Dawn Blakely is a gifted speaker that is not only knowledgable but relatable.
Stevie Dawn has been presenting for over two years to my association, sharing her vast knowledge of leadership, teamwork and emotional intelligence with us. Her ability to command the room and get everyone engaged with tangible tidbits that they can implement not only at work, but in their personal lives is what keeps us bringing her back year after year.
We look forward to her next speaking engagement and leadership training with us!


michelle lynn