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Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter uses the Empathix Process as a tool to encourage people to communicate effectively, connect with others, and change their workplace behaviors.

Hi, I’m stevie dawn.

Every human has the innate desire to be seen, heard, welcomed, accepted, and loved. In the workplace, if we can help people to feel seen and heard, through good communication and leadership strategies, then we will create a more inclusive culture which will inevitably make them feel welcomed, accepted, and in a way…loved.


I use my educational experience to enhance presentations with research, brain science, and societal understanding. I hold a master’s degree in Sociology and a doctorate degree in Leadership.


I have published multiple books on a variety of topics. My most recent being the best-selling book, Always Be The Shark, available on Amazon. I also have a new book on the Empathix Process coming out soon.


I used a combincation of my education and real-world experience to develop The Empathix process, a tool to use in every day communication and leadership for impactful results.

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Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter is a highly accomplished and renowned expert in the field of Emotional Intelligence. As a self-proclaimed human behavior nerd, Stevie Dawn has dedicated her career to advancing knowledge, driving innovation, and making a positive impact on society. Dr. Carter holds a Ph.D. in Leadership from Colorado State University, where her research focused on Emotional Intelligence development and curriculum. Her expertise lies in being able to move people to communicate more effectively, through humor, relatable stories, and engaging presentations. Every participant walks away with new knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable to real life.

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