Transforming Organizations through Human Connection

Empathix cultivates a culture of empathy that fosters collaboration, understanding, and innovation. Our tailored solutions and expert guidance empower organizations to thrive, creating a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

A shift towards stronger connections, enhanced communication, and a more empathetic and inclusive culture.

Together, we’ll empower you to thrive in an interconnected world, driving lasting business success.

Comprehensive Framework

Our Empathix framework is a proprietary emotional intelligence process which focuses on three steps: Assess, Plan, and Express. This comprehensive approach addresses the multifaceted aspects of emotional intelligence, providing a solid foundation for personal and professional communication and growth.

Expert Facilitators

Our team of expert facilitators brings a wealth of experience and expertise in emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership development. They guide participants through engaging workshops, interactive exercises, and practical real-world examples, providing valuable insights and tools for sustainable growth.

Multiple Delivery Formats

We understand that every situation is unique, which is why we offer solutions For Yourself and For Your Organization. Our programs are designed to be interactive, practical, and adaptable, ensuring relevance and maximum impact at all levels.

Measurable Outcomes

We believe in the importance of measuring training outcomes. Our programs incorporate pre- and post-assessments, allowing organizations to track progress and gauge the impact of our training initiatives. We are committed to delivering measurable results that positively influence employee engagement, performance, and overall organizational success.

What we offer

Empathix offers advanced emotional intelligence solutions, leveraging brain science and empathy research to enhance communication and leadership skills, fostering deeper human connections at all levels of organizations and communities.

For Your Self

Flexible and accessible learning that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, empowering individuals to learn at their own pace.

For Your Organization

Multiple Delivery Formats: On-Demand, live virtual and live on-site instruction by an expert facilitator, enabling interactive learning, group discussions, and personal support.

The Empathix Process is a transformative framework for communication and relationship-building, centered around the seamless integration of empathy and emotional intelligence. This innovative methodology empowers individuals and teams to connect on a deeper level, fostering authentic understanding, collaboration, and positive interactions. By mastering the art of empathetic communication and harnessing emotional intelligence, Empathix enables participants to navigate diverse situations with grace, adaptability, and a profound impact, ultimately leading to enriched connections and enhanced outcomes in both personal and professional spheres.

Monthly Webinars

Join us for our free monthly webinar series covering topics including Emotional Intelligence, Communication and Leadership among others. Subscribe now to get invites to the webinars as well as updates on Empathix.

Partnerships for positive impact.

What clients are saying...

Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter is an exceptional asset to any organization! She presented virtually to over 500 of our associates as a part of our initiatives around listening with intent. Presenting on her Communication Compass our associates resoundingly indicated that they found value in her webinar, and that their understanding of how they communicate increased. A significant majority indicated that they would recommend this topic and Stevie to another individual. From an event planning process, Stevie was exceptionally easy and wonderful to work with. Her flexibility, and affordability make her a no brainer as a consultant. White Cap will be using her in the future for more learning opportunities for our associates! 10 out of 10, would recommend!

Benjamin White
DEI Program Manager

Empathix is a SHRM and HRCI Recertification Provider

General Questions

We serve all industries. Emotional intelligence and empathy are skills that serve all levels of an organization in all industries. These skills ensure success with customers, colleagues, and leaders. Our facilitators have real-world experience in government, real estate, education, nonprofit, hospitality, and sales industries.

We utilize a pre-test/post-test instrument known as the PEC (profile of emotional competence) to evaluate the growth of individuals in our Communicator program. We also encourage completion of several reflection assignments and provide instructor feedback. Finally, all individual participants and participating organizations are asked for feedback regarding program impact at 30 day, 90 day and 1 year intervals.

At Empathix, we stand out from other training providers as we focus our content around a proprietary framework which combines research and real-world experience from the areas of emotional intelligence, leadership, and sociology, to create a path to better relationships, effective communication, and impactful leadership. Our training programs are designed to focus on real-life applications, no theoretical ideas. Regardless of how you experience our training programs, you will see our interactive, personalized approach that will make a lasting difference.

Our Company

Improving communication - Enhancing teams - Impacting leaders. Implementing strategies for success at all levels.

Empathix is a trailblazing corporate training company, driving exceptional success stories with our transformative training programs and engaging experiences for your organization. With Empathix, organizations thrive as they nurture emotionally intelligent leaders, foster empathy-driven cultures, and achieve sustainable growth and resilience in today’s dynamic world.

Strong communication drives business success.

Aligning everyone towards shared goals, boosting productivity and growth.


Resilience: A workplace MUST

Given the many benefits, employers are building resilience in their workforce so that employees develop skills to manage workplace stress.

Grace in the Workplace

With grace comes understanding. And with understanding comes empathy. Let’s hold each other to a standard of grace, not perfection.

Ending Conflict

Because so much “messaging” is non-verbal, body language is the No. 1 way we make decisions about conflict.

Partnerships for positive impact.